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"Person to Person Service from Your Local Independent  
     Insurance Agent"

That is not just a slogan, here is what it actually means:

"Person to Person" - when you call us you speak to an educated, qualified licensed insurance broker. Not just a call center employee.  You speak to whom you want - not who’s next in line.  It means you can stop by the office and deal with us face to face at your convenience.   

"Service" - the value added things we bring to your insurance transaction.  Such as free advice on coverage, claims, surcharge appeals, 24 hour emergency service, registry services and more.

"From Your" - we represent you, our client, first.  

"Local" - if you need us we are right around the corner - we are not an 800 number in another state or country.

"Independent Insurance Agent" - we are your broker with access to many insurance companies, so we can offer you the company and coverage that suits your needs best at the most competitive rates. 

So, our clients aren't just buying insurance, they are hiring a local professional who works for them.

                 Why Choose an Independent Agent?        

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Regular office hours are
Monday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm

 Appointments may also be made at your convenience before or after office hours or on weekends. 
Calling ahead for an appointment is recommended to avoid waiting

We’re right around the corner,
serving your insurance needs locally since 1988.

Give us a call today (888) 391-1630, and put the team at Pompeo Insurance to work for your family or business.


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